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maybe domains aren't what you thought they are

have you looked at it this way before?


I think it's quite easy to see a domain as a one-dimensional product. 

Buyer pays X price for Y domain. 

& the price is determined by the domain's uniqueness, usability, traffic, and overall demand. 

A simple product with a simple price tag.

But if we look at a domain as an 'offer' and not just a 'product', we can start to get creative. We can look for ways to improve the offer in a variety of ways. 

I've already seen some domainers talk about 'bundling' domains, and selling two or more domains as a package (i.e domain.com and domains. com)

That’s one way to do it.

Another method would be to have options to lease the domain or to stagger payments, which is what many platforms are starting to offer.

I think this is awesome. 

But we can put our own creativity into it and go beyond this. 

An idea that I've been thinking about is to offer 'bonuses' alongside my domains. The bonus could be something that somebody buying a domain will obviously need, like a logo design service or a year of web hosting. 

Maybe ad credits.

It could also be something related to the specific niche the domain is related to, like a conference ticket.

Or it could be something ‘unrelated’ but still desirable, like a holiday (just an idea). 

The point that I'm trying to make is that a domain is not a 'flat' thing, and that lowering the price is not the only way to make it more desirable. 

Oftentimes, an 'innovation' isn't really an innovation at all. It's just something taken from one industry and applied to another

This is something I'm going to experiment with myself using some outbound methods. To reach out to buyers and offer domains + bonus.

I'll let you know how it goes! 

Hope you found this useful. 

Until next time,