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domains of 199 recently funded AI companies

some of them are... strange


Copywriters (people who write the words in the ads) have this thing called the ‘swipe file’.

Basically, it’s a file full of advertisements that are working.

So when they write their own ads, they can refer to it and get ideas and inspiration.

I think domainers can benefit from something similar.

Especially for brandable domains.

I’m starting my file, and I’m kicking it off with 199 domains of AI startups that recently got funding.

Click here to view it (Google Sheet)

.coms are still predominant, but you’ll also find a lot of experimental TLDs, and even a couple .nets.

You’ll find some interesting patterns in the root domains as well.

Exposing ourselves to lists like these regularly will bias our brains to recognise a good name when we see it.

If you see one of them using a substandard domain and you’ve got a better one, you could also DM the founder and outbound it.

Hope you find it useful.

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